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The Wasteland: The wasteland is an uncivilized wilderness, with a few scattered villages and towns, like islands on the ocean. Not all of the wasteland is a desert. Much of it is vast untamed forest and jungle or radioactive swamp and marsh, growing over the cities and ruins of the Ancients. It teems with weird, mutated life…most of it hostile, and hungry. Traveling through the wasteland is always a risky prospect. Attacks by slavers, raiders and the voracious wildlife are quite common.

Ancient Battlefields: While plant life has overgrown much of the Ancient’s legacy, their ancient battlefields host no flora. Most have some background radiation and many still have functioning robots roaming about, looking for targets to engage. But for the brave (or foolhardy) they can be a rich source of relics.

Ancient Cities: These decaying cities hold the greatest treasures of the ancients. Most are irradiated, some are inhabited and all of them are collapsing into ruin. Cities close to settlements are probably pretty well picked over. You need to venture far into the wilderness to find a city ripe for plunder. Radiation and hostiles aren’t your only worries either. You never know when a crumbling floor or ceiling will collapse.

Cannibalism: Considered taboo by most cultures and communities, engaged in by mostly primitive or feral peoples. However, some communities have no qualms about eating other intelligent species (which technically isn’t cannibalism, to them at least). Just a quick bit of advice – Badder’s ’ll eat anyone, their kind or your kind.

Communities: Small farming villages are scattered about the wasteland, most with less than two or three hundred people. There are a few larger towns as well, mostly situated on common trade routes, and well defended. Communities provide a base of operations for the party, a place to resupply and to trade off unneeded relics or goods. They’re also good launching points for new adventures.

Crashed Vehicles: Some of the Ancient’s vehicles are large enough to serve as dungeons in their own right. Mobile battle fortresses, stranded sea- going vessels or crashed spaceships (perhaps even alien spaceships).

Cults: Most organized religion disappeared with the Ancients. In that vacuum, all manner of strange wasteland cults have sprung up. Some are helpful, or at least benign, but most seem to be hostile or even malevolent. Relic cults are especially common, where groups of primitives worship some ancient piece of technology. Ritual sacrifice is not unheard of with these groups ( Hoops practice burnt offerings to their god, Easter).
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Forgotten Facilities: Military bunkers, lost vaults, abandoned factories, remote laboratories, even old shopping centers or malls, all filled to the brim with treasure (or so the rumors say).

Magik: Some say tribal shaman out in the boonies practice a voodoo magik: some way to make things that have no business happening, happen. Animations, fortune- telling, knowing lost secrets, blasts of sparks and smoke from outta their outstretched hands- that sort of magikal things.

Merchant Caravans: There are a few brave souls trailblazing new trade routes between settlements. They bring hard-to-find goods with them, and even more important, information. They are under constant assault, so they frequently hire escorts for protection.

Nomads: Some groups choose to wander the wilderness, hunting and gathering for sustenance, salvaging what relics they can in their travels to trade at the next settlement. Nomads are generally not immediately hostile, but life in the wastes being what it is, they will be suspicious until good intentions are proven. Other nomads may be pilgrims on their way to a holy site or searching for a promised land.

Old Roads: While crumbling and overgrown, many of the Ancient’s roads are still traversable. Common wisdom has it that these roads usually lead to some ruin or ancient treasure trove of relics. Of course, they also make convenient ambush sites.

Raiders: With civilization and trade come those who find it easier to profit off the labor of others. Raiders are becoming an ever greater menace. In the wild, raiders will almost certainly attack if they outnumber the party. Communities might pay well to be rid of these pests.

Slavers: The practice of slavery is tolerated to varying degrees in the wasteland. In some places is accepted practice, in others slavers are killed on sight. Generally speaking though, most people don’t like slavers…you never know when you might wind up as inventory. If encountered in the wild, slavers may be willing to trade. But, if the party appears weak, the slavers may try to subdue them to replenish stock.

Undercity: The Ancient’s cities were built upon a warren of sewers, subway lines and service tunnels. While these locations probably didn’t hold many relics during the apocalypse, they have certainly become home to many creatures and peoples that do hoard these treasures.
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Warlords: In some corners of the wasteland, would-be conquerors strive to create pocket empires, little kingdoms to call their own. Warlords actively seek relics and powerful recruits to help them. Many types of scum flock to their banner with the promise of loot, drink, women and power (or sometimes for the promise of a full belly). Of course, maybe someday the player’s will be one of these wanna-be warlords.

Zombies: there are walking corpses out there. Mind you, its probably something to do with the high radiation or the something like that. But some are fast, some are slow. Folks bit by the slow zombies, they for sure are gonna turn. I think the fast ones are too new – ain’t turned toxic yet mebbe.


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