The Dome

Starting point for the adventure, the Dome is a remnant of the Ancients culture. It houses hundreds of cryogenic freezers (sleeping pods, if it makes you freeze better at night), a few of which our players thawed themselves out of – and just in time, as the cryogenic circuitry looks like it finally cashed in its copper coils.
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The Dome was obviously designed for para-military operations as the internal defenses are bit more hurly-burly than what a regular ornery corporate joe citizen – top secret – hush hush – keep out types – can muster. Doors whoosh open and closed like 70’s era Star Trek, food and drink dispensers make you merry in the kitchen, and robots still patrol certain grids in the lower levels – think of the clink you could exchange for the relics down in the basement?! But the doors down there won’t open to just anyone – you’ve gotta have the right credentials.

The Command Deck is regulated by retinal, fingerprint, and ID badge matching machinery. It enforces this inspection in front of an access door protected by 1-foot thick shielding doors.

The Personnel Deck flesh & blood types of the facility have a full range of comforts to rely upon in their off duty hours: 5-star gourmet dispensers, gym, massage, holodeck, surgical unit, and more.

The Staff Deck provides full technical support to the R&D teams which develop the intellectual properties dispensed to government and corporate bidders.

The Research & Development Deck is comprised of eleven labs – our largest lab boasts 2 thaumaturges, 8 researchers, and 17 technicians.

The Maintenance Pool is situated on the desert floor and is the first line of defense from outside forces. A Rho-perpetual motion Class IX Force Screen protects the immediate terrain of the DOME and as a secondary defense a magnetic/tamper minefield ensures contact is on the DOME’s terms. Johnson AFB is contracted to lend immediate QRF when Command staff decide.

The AI Wing supports all robotic requirements of the 48 Assistance-bots, over 100 maintenance-bots. The Surgical Wing on the same deck is equipped with a Level III Trauma Table.

The Dome either runs on geo-thermal systems or solar; we aren’t sure which, or both? It is hardly lacking in power, and so long as the nano-tech custodial staff and janitor-bots keep fixing everything, it’s as good a place as few others to call home.

The Dome

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