Select up to 8 items from the following list, plus roll 1 random special item (pure humans get 2 random special items):

1- BASIC Light Melee Weapon
2- Upgrade Melee Weapon 1 step
3- Basic Thrown Weapon x5 each
4- Basic Crossbow with 20 quarrels
5- Set of Leather Armor ( B-LT-2)
6- Upgrade Leather Armor to Half-metal Armor ( B-MED-2)
7- Upgrade Half-metal Armor to Metal Armor ( B-HVY-2)
8- Shield
9- fifty 50 additional quarrels for crossbow
10- Camping Gear
11- one (1) Week Provisions
12- Tool kit (tools for the Tech skill)
13- Climbing Gear
14- Healing Kit (can be used to bind 1d6 HP after each fight)

Special Items:

01-25 HYBRID Weapon of choice (5 each if a Thrown Weapon)
26-45 Hybrid Armor ( H-LT-2)
46-65 Trade Goods (equal to a hybrid weapon or mount)
66-80 Riding Mount (a Hopper or giant beetle)
81-85 Battle Mount (a Podog or giant lizard)
86-00 Random working RELIC or choose CYBERNETIC IMPLANTS

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