Pards Wares

This page is provided to figure out your “Cash Value” and have it ready for any loot you want to sell back since we last played. Here is a list common stuff. RELICS ARE PRICELESS, don’t even bother looking them up off the air. We square dance in-game for disposition of a relic.
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Banded (Basic-HVY), clink 250
Breastplate (Basic-MED), clink 200
Chain Shirt (Basic-LT),clink 100
Chainmail (Basic-MED), clink 150
Half-Plate (Basic-HVY), clink 600
Hide (Basic-MED), clink 15
Leather (Basic-LT), clink 10
Scale Mail (Basic-MED), clink 50
Splint (Basic-HVY), clink 200
Shield, light steel, clink 9
Shield, light wooden, clink 3
Studded Leather (Basic), clink 25

Melee Weapons
2-handed sword (Basic): clink 130
Axe handle: clink 2
Axe (Hybrid): clink 10
Bowie knife (Hybrid): clink 12
Club or wooden beam (Basic): clink 1
Hammer, 10-pound: clink 8
Hammer, 4-pound: clink 4
Hatchet (Hybrid): clink 6
Hunting knife or large pocket knife (Basic): clink 5
Saber or other one-handed sword (Hybrid): clink 75
Throwing knife (Basic): clink 6
Walking staff (Basic): clink 4
Whip (Basic): clink 10

Crossbow (Hybrid): clink 30
Heavy crossbow (Hybrid): clink 50
Hunting bow (Hybrid): clink 25
Long bow, feral-made (Basic): clink 70

Guns (all Hybrid)
22-cal revolver, 7 shot: clink 10
22-cal rifle: clink 40
32-cal revolver, double-action, 6 shot, clink 18
32-cal revolver, s elf-cocking: clink 30
32-cal rifle: clink 70
38-cal revolver, sliding ejector: clink 35
38-cal rifle: clink 85
41-cal: clink 65
45 calibers: clink 140
45-cal revolver: clink 130
50-cal revolver: clink 200, clink 25 extra for pearl stock
Breech-Loading Shotgun: clink 120
Breech-Loading Shotgun: clink 250
Breech-Loading Shotgun: single shot; clink 50
Dragon Rifle: clink 285
Blued finish on all the above clink 5 extra

Ammunition (all Hybrid)
22-cal, box of 50, clink 5
32-cal, box of 50, clink 10
38-cal or 41-cal, box of 50, clink 15
45-cal or 50-cal, box of 50, clink 22
65-cal: box of 10 clink 10
Arrows and crossbow bolts, dozen, clink 3
Shotgun shells: a box of 20, clink 10

Dry Goods (all Hybrid)
Backpack, clink 5
Bedroll, clink 1
Bandolier, holds 50 bullets, clink 5
Blanket, clink 1
Books on subjects such as accounting, botany, cooking, history, mechanics, or other sciences, clink 10-40
Boots, clink 20
Clothes, a set for walking around in, clink 25
Coat, leather, clink 50
Holster, clink 3
Holster, quick-draw-style, clink 6
Holy book, pocket-sized, clink 10
Holy book, gilt edged, fancy hardback, clink 85
Journal book, clink 5
Pack of cards, clink 5
Paper, 10 sheets, clink 4
Rope, 50’, clink 1
Sack, small, clink 025
Sack, large, clink 150
Shoes, clink 12
Shoes, dress, clink 35
Suit, Sunday, clink 80
Suit, for a fancy-pants, clink 115
Waterskin, clink 1

Food and Shelter
Pemican (trail rations), 1 day’s worth, clink 2
Unpreserved rations, 1 day’s worth, clink 075
OK fresh-prepared meal, clink 1/2
Fancy fresh-prepared meal, clink 5 or more
Hotel room, 1 night, clink 10-100

Hardware (all Hybrid)
Flask, clink 050
Hammer, small, clink 2
Ink, 1 oz, clink 8
Lantern, clink 10
Manacles, clink 15
Mirror, hand, clink 5
Oil, 1 flask, clink 2
Padlock, clink 20
Pick, miner’s, clink 3
Pole, 10 ft, clink 050
Spikes, iron, 12, clink 2

Tack (all Hybrid)
Bit and bridle, clink 10
Hackamore, clink 8
Halter, clink 4
Saddle, clink 45 to clink 250
Saddlebags, clink 10

Dog, well-trained clink 25
Donkey: between clink 15 for a run-down old jenny up to clink 100 for a tough jack A breeding jack can cost up to clink 250
Horse: a no-good horse for as cheap at clink 20/50/75/clink 150 or clink 200. A breeding horse can go for sums of money you’ve never seen before, clink 1,000 or more
Mule: will run you clink 40 for a smaller or more ornery one, up to clink 250 for a prize mule

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Pards Wares

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