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Fighting Off the Critters Who Wanna Eat You

1 Sometimes, one side gets a drop on the other, known as the SURPRISE round. When the GM announces there’s reason for surprise, roll d6. A result of 1 indicates surprise. Anyone surprised can only defend. When that is so – that defense suffers -4 due to ‘flatfooted’ness.

2 Everyone can do one thing each turn: move at sustained speed or attack or move at burst speed or activate a mutation or use a relic, etc. INITIATIVE determines who goes first. Roll 1d20 + DEX mod + MND mod to determine initiative order, starting with highest result. More on this in Fight the Good Fight (next).

3 CRITICAL results are a possibility. Natural rolls of 20 or 1 are ‘criticals’. 20’s are automatic hits; 1’s automatically fumble (e.g. the attacker fumbles: trips, accidently hits a friend, or experiences a weapon malfunction. The GM has wide latitude on the exact nature of a fumble). If an Action Point is expended, target also takes maximum possible damage (e.g. 2d4+2 results in 10 damage) – OR – a fumble is completely averted.

4 1st level PC’s start with 2 ACTION POINTS. Some powerful NPCs/Critters might also have Action Points. Spending an Action Point allows the character to either take an extra action that round – OR – upgrade a Natural 20 Critical from an automatic hit to maximum damage (see 3 above). Action Points are gone for the duration of a battle once used, but are recovered at the end of each fight/scene. Hence, multiple attacks are made possible (e.g. use of Action Point(s) beyond the standard option of 1 move, or 1 attack, or 1 grab gear off the utility belt or whatever to 2, 3, etc).

5 Critters and NPCs reduced to 0 HP are DEAD or UNCONSCIOUS, at the GM’s discretion. If PC’s are reduced to 0 HP, roll d20 on the following chart:

4 and below BOOM! headshot! Character dies instantly
5 – 8 BLEEDER! Character will die in 1d6 rounds without assistance (roll d6, 1-3 unconscious til then, 4-6 alert & fights on)
9 – 11 Lost Limb! 1 random appendage blown or hacked off (roll d6, 1-2 unconscious, 3-6 alert & fights on)
12 – 15 Knocked Unconscious
16 – 19 No effect
20 + Second Wind! Character gains 1d6 x 2 hit points. At the end of the combat, hit points are reduced to 0 and PC loses consciousness for 1d6 x 10 minutes

Roll each time the character takes additional damage while at 0 HP. Roll 1d20 + STR modifier; subtract 5 (cumulative) for each additional roll on the chart during the battle.

6 LIGHT WEAPONS and DEX: Players may choose to use their character’s DEX adj. for attacks with light melee weapons, instead of STR. DEX adjusted attacks lose all STR adj. normally adjusted to damage.

7 Light melee weapons and pistols may be DUAL WIELDED. This allows one additional attack with the off-hand weapon at – 2. Multi-armed mutants could theoretically have up to four weapons (up to GM’s discretion whether to allow this & determine penalty). This is not the same as multi-attacks enabled by use of an Action Point — which are not penalized)

8 AGGRESSIVE Attack/Defense: take a – 4 penalty to AC until your turn next round in order to gain +2 bonus to BOTH to hit rolls AND damage rolls - OR - penalize all attacks – 2 until your turn next round in order to add + 4 to AC.

9 FULL Attack/Defense: exact same as AGGRESSIVE above except -8 nets +4.

10 Weapons with AREA ATTACKS make a single attack roll against the AC of everyone within the area effect (including friends). If the attack roll exceeds AC, they take regular damage; if under AC they take ½ damage. There are three types:

Each area attack type has differing dimension outlined specific to the weapon (see Tables). By the way, when referring to regular attacks, I say Point Attack.

11 STUN DAMAGE cannot kill and heals completely after a couple hours rest. A character reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by stun damage is unconscious for 1 minute for each point below 0 (minimum of 1 minute).

12 Most relics use general purpose universal POWER CELLS. When the attack roll comes up ‘1’, the power cell is drained (the attack does not go off) and must be replaced. Replacing a power cell requires one combat round.

13 To resist POISON, roll d20 + STR mod + Level vs. poison’s DC. If successful, the character resists the poison’s effect. Otherwise the character takes damage. DC for mutant poison attacks is 10 + PC Level.

14 At least 8 full hours of REST/ RECUPERATION are required to recover lost hit points. All hit points lost from activating mutations (casting spells) are regained. PCs may bind wounds for 1d6 HP after each battle so long as a first aid kit is available. If a medkit is available, binding heals 2d6 HP. Characters naturally heal Level + STR x2 HP per day/night (interrupted rest of 8 hours recovers half normal) resting.

15 RANGES are provided for all ranged weapons like so: Blaster, range: 600 meters. That # is divided into the following categories: Point Blank (PB), Short (S), Medium (M), Long (L), and Maximum (MAX). Regardless of weapon, apply the below percentage of MAX range for each categorical range:

percentage: 10% 10% 10% 10% 50%
Example Blaster (PB) 0-75 m. (S) 75-150 m. (M) 150-225 m. (L) 225-300 m. (MAX) 300-600 m.
modifier or benefit +0 difficulty +0 difficulty +5 difficulty +10 difficulty +15 difficulty
double damage roll

16 The following requires mention: SRD rules for taking 10, taking 20, 5-ft step (shift) remain in effect.

Tick-Tock Tick Tock: TIME

Game time is broken into Rounds and Encounters. A Round is between 6 and 10 seconds, and represents one exchange of actions. An encounter is an entire set of action involving one location and one group of characters. A fight is one encounter, as is an evening at the Inn working the local crowd for rumors. Whenever the action starts, an encounter starts, and when the action ends, the encounter ends.

If it is important who does what first (such as in combat), time should be counted in Rounds. If it’s not important, all that needs to be tracked is when the Encounter ends.

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