S.I.M.P. Screen Imp-V


Strongly Interacting Massive Particle Screen generator creates a impermeable force field that keeps out the elements – the hot stays in, the cold stays out (visa versa), gases outside don’t permeate (visa versa) – light does pass through (halves lumens – treat like polarizing sunglasses) but lesser radiation does not (x-ray, microwave, IR, etc).

It can take 10 HP of damage before collapsing (yes, this has tactical qualities but I’d only rely on it as such in the most dire of circumstances). In the event of collapse, the generator must shut down, reboot internal CPU instructions, and can re-establish the SIMP screen in 10 minutes.

The field generates a bubble large enough to accommodate 6 medium humanoids sharing tactical space.

NOTE: a SIMP screen cannot interact with a SIMS screen or both generators power cells are immediately drained (ie, new batteries required).


S.I.M.P. Screen Imp-V

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