COMM: Negotiation, diplomacy, lying, inspiring ?
FIGHT: Melee attacks, defending oneself from all incoming attacks ?
KNOW: Area knowledge, history, book learning, etc ?
PERCP: Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, misc. senses ?
PHYS: Lifting, climbing, swimming, smashing stuff ?
SHOOT: Missile attacks – basic, hybrid & relic, thrown weapons ?
SNEAK: Being quiet, hiding, picking locks or pockets ?
SURV: Land navigation, tracking, hunting, spelunking ?
TECH: Using, repairing and modifying equipment – basic, hybrid, relic ?

STR ? AC TBD DR none Level: 1st
DEX ? hp 39 MV 20
MIND ? ActP 2 SZF Med / 5′×5′

A male, mature, active Human on the prowl. Wassup’ Bitches?!


So far just a BAD MOTHERFUCKER. You can tell by my wallet


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