Rad Slow Zombie


ALL Attacks: ? to hit
BITE, x2 every round, 1d? + ?
MOAN during encounter, ?
CANCEL 1/2 bludgeons

STR strong AC leathery DR ?
DEX sluggish hp tough MV 15
MIND stupid ActP ? SZF Med / 5′×5′

Slow ones spawn more zombies from their putrescence and and they don’t die from head shots like in the movies. Spawn occur from victims of their bite (reanimate as zombie in equal number of rounds as 1 + victims STR).

Their entire skin surface gives off a green glow, equivalent 1 candle luminosity in the dark.

You gotta chop em up, lumberjack style. Bloody. Remember, its not that they run fast. Its that they lumber along, 24-7, never resting. They catch up. Eventually.

Rad Slow Zombie

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