Mar Rwar

Mike's Main Character


COMM: Negotiation, diplomacy, lying, inspiring +1
FIGHT: Melee attacks, defending oneself from all incoming attacks +1
KNOW: Area knowledge, history, book learning, etc +1
PERCP: Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, misc. senses +1
PHYS (P2): Lifting, climbing, swimming, smashing stuff +3
SHOOT: Missile attacks – basic, hybrid & relic, thrown weapons +1
SNEAK: Being quiet, hiding, picking locks or pockets +1
SURV: Land navigation, tracking, hunting, spelunking +1
TECH (P1): Using, repairing and modifying equipment – basic, hybrid, relic +3

STR 12 AC TBD DR ? Level: 1st
DEX 11 hp 39 MV 30
MIND 15 ActP 2 SZF Med / 5′×5′

A male, adolescent active human of odd described net worth (25 CL + awesome = infinity).



Mar: You put that together wrong….
Customer: It came that way!
Mar: I am truely sorry. You’re an idiot and they put that together wrong.

Mar is a fairly brash, outspoken mechanic that never really needed to “learn” things out of a “book.” He has an astonishing knack for intuitive design. His main goal in life is to own his own salvage and repair shop.

Current look is character picture +
Leather metal armor
With metal plating on the center front/back.

Mar Rwar

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