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Eeeep. Eeeep. Eeeep. Eeeeeeurrgleeep. Eeeep. Eeeep.
Buzzbuzzzzzzzzzzzzclankbuzzzrzrzrzrrrrrrump. Sssssssssssss -

Gw cryo pods

That didn’t sound right just now. Light blobs dance in front of your face. Who knows how long it took for the blobs to transform into blinking red lights on a panel a few inches above your forehead. Your eyes smart as they adjust from the effects of cryo-sleep. It feels like its been—what, fifteen minutes since you were conscious of the lights— or anything, for that matter?

A voice out in the dark on your left grunts, and then a sudden intake of breath, “Jeez us-that’s cold!” It was male, gravelly, and sounded to be 20-30 feet to that side.

You swing a leg out of your foam-packing to step onto the floor but instead dip your foot ankle deep into bone chilling liquid. It seems to have a lazy current.

There is a background gloom of red light illuminating the cryo-chamber. There are at least two men moving deeper among the pod-freezers, but looking over the displays of pods on your left and right it easy to see by their readouts whoever is inside is dead.

Hold up! Think! What do I remember, what do I know before I leap without looking.

Not much of a memory recall here – no family, no mom, no dad. – no school, or no nothing?! I haven’t the foggiest idea who I am, how old I am, hell- feel around a sec- OK, at least my gender isn’t in question. Where am I, what am I doing here, and Who the hell am I?

What’s your next step?

Obviously, characters need to be fleshed out. The brief above is better than meeting in a bar, I hope, but does leave a little ambiguity about parameters. I would prefer:

  • Purebreed human as your first choice, as it makes it easier on me to tie a neat bow on this start-up package.
  • Mutant later, if you prefer it for 2nd string promotes to varsity.
  • Basic Gear package will be discovered in a bit; create your starting kit so we don’t dilly dally at the table when you find those footlockers.
  • You begin as 1st level PC’s. Zero clink.
  • Besides your being inside the Dome, you have no geo-political knowledge besides what is outlined above.


Going to put down basic gear package under character and assume that I don’t have it until I find it. Or can I build it in equipment and have it transfered over to my character when found?

Welcome to your Adventure

Yes, you will find it eventually but you begin empty handed.

Welcome to your Adventure
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