Muttd20- Gamma World Spinoff

Just us Rabbits

Exploring in the dark, our survivors slosh thru cold water into a hex layout of more cryo-sleep chambers. Each chamber was dead to power, filled with dead people, and cold water filling up the time remaining.

A quick exploration, splitting up to cover ground quickly, discovers a few grenades. The central stair was completely obstructed by a structural collapse of girder, masonry, and stone. A strut, sticking from the ceiling of cryo-creche-delta enabled Mar Rwar, Cuirgi Boghdoir, and Nakor to climb up to Sub-level Two.

Passing along an air shaft into a few storage rooms, the three were faced by the abscess created by the collapse over the central stairs. It was a 15-ft leap, which was made easier by a rigged grapple hook and line from some camping gear. Swinging across with seeming ease, Cuirgi landed solid on the far side. They didn’t see the tentacle beast amongst the debris.

It waved a few tentacles, attempting to grab a snack as it swang by. As luck would have it, Mar sailed right by. It wasn’t until he saw the expression on Cuirgi’s face did he realize anything was a miss. If the eater wanted something to gulp down, Mar had something for that. Mar dumped two gallons of isopropyl alcohol all over the gaping maw and signaled for one of his companions to light it up.

Insert fight details, if you like. The tentacle beast died after two frag explosions and a truckload of isopropyl alcohol contributed to a fiery end.

The team tramped up another set of stairs to discover a robot repair/recharge facility. Power was holding at 30% from emergency generators, enabling access to a kiosk computer workstation. An information query was launched for details of current global status, as well as within the building itself.

Creeping up yet another flight of stairs, our intrepid explorers began poking about a maze of office cubicles. Buoyed by the confidence of discovered comlinks, they split up again to cover more ground. Cuirigi rounded a corner, and alone, faced 6 Hoops armed with crossbows. It was clear they were somewhat telepathic and possessed a hive mind (after they went from near zero fluency of Esperanto to 100% understanding in a 5 minute discourse). Cuirigi decided diplomacy was a better alternative to fighting – this time.

The Hoop tribe greeted Mar Rwar, Cuirgi Boghdoir, and Nakor and revealed they had settle the Dome several generations back. They traded with a local warlord to maintain a vestige of freedom, but they were running low on relics and modern conveniences to keep their pelts off the chopping block. NPC’s met: the hoop chief is Crux Hops’nomore, and braves: Hops’high, and Hops’far.

Additionally, the hoops provided a better understanding of the Dome. The cafeteria and a few connected rooms were home to nearly 40 hoops. The Dome was sealed off from the outside by a forcefield, but policed by a robot gun platform inside the field which prevented easy escape (currently, only the younger hoops could crawl through the 500 meter conduit pipe to the outside world).

Finally, the command and control center remained locked off from access, and after a quick attempt to hack the door lock, verified the door still wholly electric power to its defenses. Nakor’s seemingly paranoid idea to brace the door saved Mar’s life. Poisonous gas pumped into the room almost killing Mar.

For the moment, Mar is more concerned with getting the Dome to fully operational using maintenance robots. He is using the personnel bots to search the sealed command center. It might be a while before he makes another attempt to get behind the doors again. He has a pretty good idea how to get around the robot-gun.


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