Muttd20- Gamma World Spinoff

Inside the DOME

Exploring the passages and rooms around your wake point, its easy to draw the conclusion – this place is thoroughly looted. Your personnel locker was empty save for the finger print activated drawer at the bottom. Nary enough to outfit you for a long haul, you look elsewhere.

Fleeting and partial memories are coming back, and a CPU miraculously was operative in the Robot Repair wing.

It’s been nearly 300 years since you volunteered for PROJECT: NOAH. You were one of hundreds of volunteers frozen hoping to survive the Cactopic Stain blotting out many Chin-Russo provinces, two-thirds of Australia, and 12 United States of America, for that matter. It seemed like a good idea to sleep off the half life of whatever was mutating people on the other side of the world and this outfit had a steady job for you after you woke up.

Except, you didn’t wake up after 5 years. And your job’s history too – seems your employer went and died on you leaving only an empty building.

Deep in sub-station 6, up and out is the only way to survive this mess.


paBroyles paBroyles

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